Valentine’s Day Special – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 59

It is true – through the magic* of time-travel, I am able to bring you next Monday’s update today already! It’s like getting three extra days…in the mail, or something. Or losing them? I dunno. Actually, it’s kinda confusing, but that’s time-travel for you.

But I didn’t engage in such time-shenanigans frivolously. There’s a good reason for re-scheduling the update: Monday isn’t Valentine’s day, but today is. And since this strip is more heavily and directly Valentine’s day themed than my usual Valentine’s specials, I felt it was worth trying to publish it on the proper day.

For Valentine’s day is Si’ri’s favourite holiday! Which isn’t terribly surprising in a fairy, being creatures of love and all that. Elves prefer Thanksgiving…and hate Christmas. But it’s just so exciting for Si’ri, she can spread love to her loving heart’s desire, and she can feel it everywhere! Even down there, in the dark, damp, sewers/roots beneath the Father Tree, she feels surrounded by love all around, on this special day.

Well, almost all around. There’s still a small dark stain on her pink sheets, but it’s small enough that she can ignore it, and on such a day she’ll bravely do just that. As for the nature of the stain…well, it seems that there isn’t too much love present between K’ip and the other party members right now. Which is odd, since there definitely was some there just a while ago – even a lot of it, at times. But, righ now, zilch. Once Si’ri has properly celebrated her special day to the fullest and come down from her high, she’ll have to investigate what went wrong there. It likely was something K’ip said. It usually is.

More on Thursday. Obviously. Because today is Monday already. Happy Valentine’s (Mon)day to everyone. >_>

*Last chapter I’d still have used a time-machine, but with this fantasy setting, magic feels like a much more natural choice.

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