To Each Their Own – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 60

Poor Si’ri…what a roller-coaster. From the emotional high of Valentine’s Day straight to this moment of misery. No wonder she’s crying so profusely. Well, I mean, no wonder why she’s crying…you’re still free to wonder how she’s crying so profusely, since her tiny body shouldn’t really contain anywhere near that much water.

It’s easy to sympathize with her frustration – all those countless times she’s had such good advice on offer for K’ip, and he just didn’t ask. Of course, she shared it even without asking, but rarely to the kind of reception she felt it deserved. Okay, that might be partly due to the fact that most of her advice, while valuable, tends to be entirely obvious, overly verbose and tiresomely repetitive…but still, she’d have liked for K’ip to ask for it. And now he finally does ask her something, and it’s on a subject she has absolutely no idea on. Frustrating.

K’ip, of course, is completely mystified – otherwise he’d never stooped to asking Si’ri in the first place. Everyone else seems to agree that Snuka’s assignment of opponents makes perfect sense on some very obvious level. But it seems completely arbitrary to K’ip. He’s just confused, though, not truly bothered – he’s okay with tackling two opponents, as long as one it a gnome and both are eldery and frail. Talk about a plum assignment. He’d still like to understand what’s going on, but on the other hand he’s already pretty happy that the others’ anger at him has largely evaporated by now, and they didn’t even beat him up! Much. >_>

As far as Snuka’s tactical planning goes…well, that can’t have been too much of a mental strain. Just let everyone deal with themselves first, that’s actually good advice in a surprising number of situations. It would obviously apply here more than usual, given how they’re facing their own evil doubles from a (broken) mirror universe – as clearly indicated by the beards. (Although Snuka can’t help but feel that the beard looks good on his other self, too bad he never really managed to grow one, back when he was himself.)

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  1. I think the living sprinkler system of Si’ri is a matter of evolution. Fairies rarely get to play the role of the hero as they are very small and physically weak. So their most common role is as a companion to the hero. But being so small (and having a natural bright, glowing light obscuring all their expressions), they have to overdo any emotion just to get noticed. As such, over time fairies have developed ways to express themselves in ways that’d be purely over-the-top for other fairies but are just noticeable enough for the “giants” they have to work with.

    I think the problem with Snuka’s diagram is he forgot to add a + Si’ri doodle to K’ip’s portrait. The opponents being old, her greatest weapon of talking someone to death IS a viable tool in this battle! And it’d only make sense for one battle pair to face another battle pair.

    When doing the face-your-evil-twin battle as a group, there’s actually another option other than straight mirror pairings. You can instead have the doppelganger face their counterpart’s greatest frienemy. Not only will they be more resistant to any scathing remarks, they’ll just take it as another reason to more gruesomely (and catharticly) murder the evil clone.

    1. That actually makes a lot of sense, in evolutionary terms. I guess we can then conclude that when Si’ri’s happy, her laugh would be thunderous and bellowing like BRIAN BLESSED’S….and when she’s angry, she’ll probably find some sort of access to Mopey’s interdimensional mallet closet, and somehow also find the strength to wield one of those hammers. (Although it looks like K’ip has never made her that angry…or that happy. He’s probably a tough assignment, by companion fairy standards.)

      I don’t think Snuka forgot, he was just swayed by Si’ri’s repeat insistence that she isn’t an active party member, but just a companion. He possibly failed to notice how she broke her self-imposed rule in the last fight, possibly due to the limited visibility stemming from his employment of gas. XD

      As for the who-fights-who thing, I can’t comment further at this stage, due to reasons that will become obvious later. But you’re on to something, a bit. =P

      1. Actually for the fairy-thing, I was thinking about when Si’ri was mad at K’ip she had one of those angry hashtags ON HER ENTIRE BEING rather than just her face. Were fairies able to make it to the digital age, I imagine they’d evolve the ability to essentially become flying emojis.
        A conversation between fairies would in essence look like a Twitch chatroom, for better or worse.

        1. That would sure be an interesting sight…the first few times you see it, that is. I’d expect the novelty to wear off quickly, though, and then Si’ri and her ilk would be back to being slightly annoying – a reversal to the mean, as it were. XD

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