At Least He Isn’t K’ip’s Father – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 61

Well, these little green gnomes often turn out to be much better at fencing than you’d realistically suppose, especially if they have some sort of speech defect.

That being said, Mr. Thronesitter isn’t entirely in the clear. For one thing, DM doesn’t have a speech defect. And for the other thing, metal swords are unlike light sabers – weight and center of gravity are a consideration, when you’re dealing with physical matter. So at the very least I wouldn’t really expect any spectacular air jumps from DM in this fight, not while he’s trying to use a human-sized two-handed sword. If you compare his mass to the mass of his weapon, and consider how the sword’s center of gravity would move when being swung…I wouldn’t say it’s a given thing that DM can hold his own against K’ip. Even if K’ip never actually managed to acquire any fencing skill, beyond the level that comes naturally with high mastery of all kinds of arts and crafts. >_>

And, yeah…of course Mr. Thronesitter is based on Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, and this strip draws heavily from the climax of Return of the Jedi. And that’s as far as that goes, really – I detailed the script for this chapter in July of last year, and drew the actual strip in October, so at that time I had no idea that Palpatine was destined for a return engagement. “Somehow”, indeed. >_>

Looking at panels three and five here, I realize that there’s another difference between metal swords and light sabers: light sabers make for much better atmospheric lighting. ._. Drat.

More on Thursday.

2 Replies to “At Least He Isn’t K’ip’s Father – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 61”

  1. No, K’ip! If you strike him down, he’ll become more powerful, that you can possibly imagine!

    1. Well, yeah…but as long as all of that power only comes down to making occasional cameos as a force ghost, without actually having any impact on events, K’ip will probably be able to live with that. XD

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