Glittering Personality – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 62

While K’ip is busy doing the fencing with DM, Gregory is the first (shown to) confront…himself.

Apparently, he has quite forgotten how stoic he used to be, back when he wasn’t fully alive. He should have known that he wouldn’t be that easily impressed by a display of magic – especially not such cheap, kid’s birthday level magic. But that doesn’t necessarily indicate that Gregory isn’t able to gauge his own (former) personality correctly – it might just indicate that he overestimates the impressiveness of his magic. Some earlier instances along similar lines make that a somewhat plausible scenario.

Of course I’m not trying to dis Gregory’s glitter canon. That’s definitely a hugely stylish item to have, and I can fully understand his enthusiasm for it, even if he himself can’t…or couldn’t, I mean, because it’s his past self…kind of…it’s complicated. His past self, which is still his present self from the perspective of some other dimension, hardly ever was enthusiastic about anything, but that’s changed. Obviously. But not from the perspective of some other, evil dimension.

On the other hand, his current personality is rather pissed about the sudden usefulness of the goggles, which hardly ever have been anything but dead (if fashionable) weight back when he wore them himself. His new personality isn’t showing much emotion about that, either…but then, why should he? For him the goggles work fine. So perhaps Gregory is just angry with himself that he never got the idea of firing a glitter canon at himself before…I mean, the other way round, obviously: he firing it at himself, not he firing it at himself. Because then the goggles would have worked for him, as they did. Just that he doesn’t have the goggles anymore…I think I’m losing track of the point I was going to make, or my sanity…

Well, at least Gregory can’t claim that his glasses don’t do anything for him, without them, he wouldn’t have hit himself at all (even if a glitter canon is something of an area effect weapon).

Current score: 1:0 for Team Evil.

More on Monday.

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