Strong Impression – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 63

Mopey is the next party member (shown*) to confront herself.

Since Mopey prefers the offensive, she immediately charges at herself, while she charges at herself with similar gusto…of course, one of the Mopeys then realizes that she’s only got a defensive arm, so she switches her tactical stance accordingly. Mopey classic** naturally charges on.

Cavalier Mopey cleverly avails herself of the opportunity to learn something about herself. Always a commendable ambition, and the ideal opportunity to do it, too. How often do you get the chance to see yourself from an outsider’s perspective, if you don’t count near-death-experiences? (Of which Mopey has had a few, though.) She’s a bit shaken by the experience, though – seeing herself prepare for her trademark unholy tentacle storm attack makes her realize that she’s probably coming over a lot more unholy and tentacly to an observer than she actually intends to. She could have sworn she’d emanate more gothic elegance in that situation, but apparently she’s mostly emanating a banshee scream and the alluding touch of unbridled chaos. She’ll definitely try to reign herself in a little bit more the next time she does something like that herself again – presumably once she’s no longer a Cavalier carrying only a shield…

More on Thursday.

* Technically, all of those one-on-one engagements would be taking place concurrently.

** Now with extra beard!

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