I’ve Seen Enough of Snuka to Know Where This is Going – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 64

Yeah, when it comes to ethical inversion, Snuka is naturally one of the more subtle cases. The original Snuka and his evil twin do dwell on opposite sides of the good/evil divide, but they’re both actually pushing that boundary, which brings them pretty close together in the effect.

This being the case, evil!Snuka suffers from many of the same trials and tribulations as the original. For one thing, they both find it unfairly hard to stop the people around them from cramping their entrepreneurial spirit. >_> Shouldn’t something like that be cherished and supported, rather than being hobbled and hindered by pedantic considerations of legality, morality, decency, appropriateness or all of those other words either Snuka has only a very faint idea of? They sure think so…nobody else does. And I guess, objectively speaking, if your evil twin from an alien dimension is the only being in the multiverse that’s on the same page as you…it might be considered a sign to seriously reexamine some of your life choices.

So, yeah – in reality evil!Mopey did not use her (mostly ornamental) tentacles in the way evil!Snuka knew to be the most popular and profitable way, and all Snuka did was firing up his image processor to correct that little error of judgement. All of the proceeds were scheduled to go to the support of an orphan*! He’s really hurt that Mopey isn’t even a little bit grateful for his effort. He has cancelled the sequel, for the time being.

More on Monday.

*You’ve got one guess as to which one.

4 Replies to “I’ve Seen Enough of Snuka to Know Where This is Going – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 64”

  1. Flashback to an older strip https://bmoviecomic.com/knock-knock-chap-3-act-4-strip-6/ . Looks like Hen Tai won’t get a big role this time either.

    But was is EvilSnuka’s alignment anyway? I mean RGPSnuka would be forced into lawful good to be able to pick paladin ( if he ‘plays’ it that way is a different question). But I’m not sure what I should label EvilSnuka. Chaotic neutral?

    1. Well, at least it’s a much more explicit allusion this time – because I’m really not sure how many readers actually caught that “Hen Tai” thing back then. XD

      As for evil!Snuka’s alignment, I’d also say it Chaotic neutral…while original Snuka was more like, uh…True neutral with a somewhat restricted ability to tell right from wrong.

    1. Yeah, that’s literally what happened. I did use only the mosaic at first, but when I was about to upload the strip, I kinda felt that it was still a bit too explicit…so then I added censor bars. And once in the swing of things, I kept adding more. XD

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