Wrestling with the Unseen – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 65

Next up for meeting herself up close is Biff.

It’s quite a meeting of the mind.
… yeah, I used the singular on purpose, for evil!Biff didn’t bring his along. As usual.

What he did bring along, inevitably, were his physical abilities – and Biff, despite having been Biff for a long time, before becoming Biff, somehow failed to completely account for them. She did try to circumvent Biff’s obvious offensive potential by using her hood of invisibility, but she failed to remember how good he always was at hitting things he didn’t even intend to hit. Not being seen by Biff doesn’t mean you’re safe – the only safe place is being completely outside of his reach. Or, on certain dates, outside of the range of the most powerful fireworks Biff could conceivably stumble across – but, fortunately, today isn’t one of those dates.

The other thing Biff somewhat misjudged is how his own offensive power has been negatively impacted by his transition into the world of Stockades & Skeletons. She does connect nicely with a full right straight punch, but the consequences are far less dire for Biff than Biff had expected and hoped for. Too bad she didn’t remember hammerspace.

So I guess it’s another victory for the bad guys, but the last panel clearly shows that Biff did a bit better than her two teammates that went before – unlike them, she didn’t fail to leave an impression.

More on Thursday.

4 Replies to “Wrestling with the Unseen – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 65”

  1. Even if Biff had remembered her hammerspace, I feel like Biff has been on the receiving end of that from Mopey enough that it’d only stun him at best. I guess it’s the trade-off for having universal access to a mallet: Because the mallet doesn’t follow physics, the impact doesn’t as well. You can do all sorts of amusing injuries and cause an impact hard enough to literally make your opponent fly, but in the end they’ll be back and completely fine a few panels/seconds.

    1. Yeah, that’s true – since hammerspace objects tend to follow cartoon physics, and damage Biff would have inflicted on himself with the mallet would likely have been only very temporary. But still the optics would have a lot better and less demotivating, if Biff had sent Biff flying, or knocked his head down into his chest cavity. The ultimate outcome might have been the same, but it wouldn’t have looked and felt like an utter defeat as much. XD

  2. Looks not that good for the good guys. Let’s hope at least Professor Doctor is going to score a point.

    1. Actually, Snuka’s going to be the next contender, and the Professorian only after that. So, theoretically, Team Good still has two chances to score, but empirical data isn’t their friend right now, in that regard. XD

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