Tighty whities, of Course – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 66

The next member of the party to go up against the likes of himself is Snuka. Although “the likes of himself” might only roughly describe it, since Snuka hasn’t actually been too much like himself for a while now.

Of course he’s been having occasional bouts of conflicted feelings, and a few full-on throwbacks to his old thieving days…but, by and large, he’s grown into the role of a righteous paladin to a surprising degree. I mean, the Professor has always said he was sure that Snuka had the potential to straighten out his ways one day…
…but he didn’t actually believe that, of course, he just said it for the principle of the matter.

One of the less advantageous consequences of Snuka’s morally uplifting uplift of morals becomes obvious here, unfortunately: Snuka is hardly a match for himself anymore. Snuka used to be so much better at having nimble fingers, fast feet and a quick mind that his current iteration has lost the race before his horse even made it out of the stables…because his horse had been stolen. There’s a lot to say in favor of being a straight-shootin’ guy, but nothing of it applies if a somewhat more crooked fellow steals whatever you were going to shoot with before you get any chance to shoot it.

Of course, nicking the undies on top of that is just unnecessary cruelty. But I guess evil!Snuka had to add something to the proceedings that would cement his evil! categorization – after all, everything else might have been done just as readily by Snuka himself – the old, classic Snuka, of course. Classic!Snuka would definitely have taken the mace, possibly the pants, but hardly the undies. He had some principles, and one of them was never stealing underwear. From guys. >_>

Now I guess the party’s only hope to scoring against Team Evil rests on the Professorian.

Let’s see how that’ll turn out on Monday.

2 Replies to “Tighty whities, of Course – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 66”

  1. I feel reminded to FF Tactics. Now let’s hope that EvilSnuka doesn’t have the Steal Heart move (neither figuratively nor literally).
    And who knows, PaladinSnuka might awaken his inner Highlander.

    Kip also isn’t out yet as far as I remember, just in a draw.

    1. I don’t think evil!Snuka has the Steal Heart move. The original Snuka did have it, but he got out of the organ traffic business a long time ago…when the other street urchins in Cairo made unmistakably clear to him how little they appreciated waking up with fresh surgery scars on their bodies. >_> Stingy bastards, all he ever took was stuff like spleens or such, which you wouldn’t miss anyway…

      And, yeah, we’ll catch up with K’ip in Thursday’s update.

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