Bringing Home the Blues – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 1

For the final act, we return to the setting of part of the first – it gives a nice circular structure to it all, a kind of poetic “the end returns to the beginning” feel…and it means I can recycle footage I’ve rendered earlier.

That works satisfactorily, for the Evergreen Forest is still much as it has been before. I mean, green. And ever…ish. The green is slightly less saturated than before in view of the Triumph of Evil ™, but it’s still basically green.

With those annoying birds, the chromatic shift went into two different directions. Their plumage is also much less saturated than before, but their songs still have a vibrant color…it’s blue, though. Whether that makes them less annoying than before, or more, probably depends on how much you like the blues.

Anyway, what I was going for with this strip is only that we’re back in the Evergreen Forest, and that there has been a very subtle change in mood, which a very keen-eyed and perceptive reader might pick up on. >_> Mopey might appreciate the change, but I think few other inhabitants will.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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