The Blues at Home – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 2

We continue the somber theme from the last strip, while zooming in closer for a more detailed look at the misery. It’s not funny, but it’s kinda hard to find an humorous angle in a Triumph of Evil ™. And we need to get through this. It’s not like these triumphs of evil ever last to the end of the movie, after all, so you’ve got to give them their time in the spotlight when the going is good…or rough, rather.

Focus is on the Professorian, that’s simply because of his (apparent) age – tears differ in their emotional impact on an audience depending on the age and sex of a character, and among the current line-up, the Barbessor should be at the top of that ranking. Closely followed by K’ip, who gets bonus points for being a cat.

I created these strips back around the beginning of March, actually…without having any idea how closely they would match my actual mood at the time when they would be publishing. I could do without these kind of coincidences. Oh, my…

More on Thurs…uh, Monday. It’ll get better, I promise. Though gradually, at first.

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