The Team at Blues – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 3

See? We’re making a little bit of progress, mood-wise. While this strip does confirm that indeed everyone is depressed, that was a fact that was already established in the last strip – and this strip, at the very least, ends with a weakish gag on the sleeping habit of cats. Which is one of the most popular subjects on the whole internet, anyway.

Admittedly, I should have made that gag earlier. Back when K’ip was still more kitten-like, he would have looked a lot cuter in this pose. Nowadays he’s a bit to tall and lanky to get the full effect. But better than nothing, I guess.

Speaking of small comforts, in addition to confirming that everyone is depressed, this strip also confirms that everyone is alive. And that they’re all together in the Evergreen Forest. And, apparently, under no very immediate threat. (Si’ri’s not accounted for, here, but she’s also around. There’s little need to worry about her, in most situations – she’s used to looking after herself, and fairies tend to have several layers of plot armor at any time.)

So, from a certain viewpoint, it’s actually a quite positive strip…but I fully understand that it takes a major mental effort to see it as anything like that. But it’ll continue to gradually get better, I promise!

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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    1. Paladin is a common character class in any number of RPG systems: Paladin (character class). A kind of holy warrior/ knight templar, with a combination of combat and priestly skills. I’ve assigned this class to Snuka since I felt that the Ranger class (which the analogous character in the D&D cartoon had) was just not different enough from what Snuka normally is. XD

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