The Co-Worst Things – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 4

Yeah, it’s kinda understandable that Mopey is upset that she didn’t get her puppies. She likes puppies. Especially with sugar on top, since they’re easier to eat that way.

…what did you think Mopey would do with puppies? She’s Mopey, after all.

Or mostly is Mopey, at least. As she pointed out right now, she did try to not be herself completely and all of the time, in the course of this chapter. She did try to live up to the role she had been given in this foreign setting, as much as she resented it at the beginning. Employing her magic shield to protect the others from harm isn’t something that would have come naturally to her, after all – especially in all of those cases where not employing it would have held a chance for a funny pratfall or injury of one of her comrades for her to laugh over. Instead she tried to do what she thought somebody with something like a sense of right and wrong might consider right, and now she’s not even getting a sugary canine snack for it. Very disappointing.

Snuka reveals that he’s gone through similar struggles with his new-found role. All that lawful good business, that being a shining beacon of righteous behavior, did also not come naturally to a live-long rogue and bender of rules. But he tried! And you might have noticed, with approval or consternation, that he wasn’t shown to steal or try to steal even the smallest thing all chapter long! A mighty struggle, for sure, even if the fantasy setting offered some features that made it easier for him – mostly the fact that in this setting, armed robbery falls within the bounds of righteousness, if aimed at the right people. But it still wasn’t a cake-walk for him, with a cake rightfully obtained or otherwise…and, as he points out, the end result is considerably less positive than it had been in earlier chapters, back when he was still much more flexible with his (lack of) morals. Why has everyone always been on his case so much about being good, when being good leaves you worse of than being…flexible?

That’s really the co-worst of the situation, really nearly on a level with the worst. That being, of course, the whole triumph of evil thing, and the fact that their whole world is irredeemable descending into darkness. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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  1. I was going to comment last comic that Mopey being depressed should be her thing; but figured an explanation was forthcoming.

    1. Yeah, she’s the only member of the team who isn’t opposed to darkness descending and smothering all life in principle. It just has to be the right kind of darkness, and the descent has to feature the proper style. XD

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