Let It All Out – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 5

And here two more team-members reflect on their experiences with their altered states and roles – and their assessments of same.

Biff is surprisingly positive about the whole thing, which shows, I guess, that you can take the jock out of the dumb, but not the dumb out of the jock? Well, a more charitable assessment could be made, of course…but I’ll leave that to somebody else. Anyway, Biff seems to fell she’s dealt adequately with the gender change. As for her performance as a thief, her main regret seems to be how often she forgot about the potential of her invisibility cloak. She only thought about employing it in a fraction of the cases where it would actually have come in handy or very handy.

But perhaps that’s a problem with the cloak, rather than with Biff. Other owners of similar cloaks seem to suffer from the very same problem, without having Biff’s limited intelligence to field in their defense. >_> Even with that granted, though, Biff is probably a tad too generous about her effectiveness as a thief. If Snuka wasn’t distracted with his own considerations right now, he could easily supply her with a detailed list of all the opportunities for stealing she passed by, and the mountain of loot that she failed to gather in consequence. Paladin or not, having to witness that kind of waste couldn’t help but irk Snuka on some deep, fundamental level. She’s been given an invisibility cloak, for Christ’s sake, the fondest dream of every pilfering criminal! She should rightfully have about 3.2 metric tons of gold to show for that, and yet she’s hardly pilfered a silver spoon or two. >_>

The Professorian, in the meantime, has more mixed feelings regarding his age- and class-change. The class is the smaller problem, but the age comes with both advantages as well as disadvantages. It’s been established a while ago that he really appreciates some of the physical aspects of his rejuvenated body, but today he reveals one of the drawbacks. He used to be notably even-tempered, back when he still was old…now, he can’t hold a mood worth s**t, and all of his emotions are uncomfortably intense. Which is particularly tiresome in a situation immediately following an all-encompassing triumph of evil forces, since the emotions in questions are bound to be somewhat dark in that situation, at the best of times. Uh…the best of times within the worst of times, I mean. Uh, you catch my drift. He’s rarely been driven to tears, back when he was the Professor…now, as the Barbessor, he’s gotta watch his fluid intake to prevent dehydration. Sucks.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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  1. I think with Biff it’s that when you start at rock bottom, you can only ever either make a lateral move or go up in the world. He got a new class (jock -> thief) and a new sex (male -> female) so he-uh… SHE did what she always does: Make the best of the situation and hope not to fall flat on her ass in the process. And given she’s no longer bound to playing the highly confusing sport of hockey that she has ALWAYS been a top athlete at, she probably succeeded in that area more so than in her previous profession/sex.
    Sounds like a win to me. 😉

    1. That’s actually an interesting angle on it, and quite correct! Since Biff used to be a complete failure at being a male jock (and livelong hockey player), being a semi-competent female rogue is actually a considerable gain in relative competency for her. XD She might not have done everything right in her new role, but compared to the…uh, about three times Biff ever did anything right in his former gender and role, just that one instant of sneaking up to Takeshi and poking his paper shield must have felt like a real triumph.

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