Glittering Depression – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 6

I think we’ve earned a short moment of levity amidst of all this depression – so here’s Si’ri, also being depressed. (Which also serves to confirm that she is, indeed, with the rest of the team. She’s just in a little hole right now, physically and mentally, so she wasn’t as apparently present as she usually is).

To her, it probably feels as bad as it feels to any of the others – but from the outside, a fairy’s depression just can’t manage to appear quite as dark and dreary as a non-luminous person’s depression.

Between the glow and the glitter, and the weird mixture of Gaelic folklore and Disney, Si’ri’s depression is actually bordering on being uplifting, in a weird way. o_O; You can harbor dark thoughts in a shining, glittering body, but it just won’t look that way for a third party.

Anyway, let’s enjoy the little breather while it lasts. I’m not even sure whether I intended it the way this turned out, back when I wrote this strip, but it feels appropriate and welcome. The worst is behind us, but the silver lining is still a ways of.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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