Angry Napping – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 7

We’ve made it through – this is the final one of the depression strips, since Gregory and K’ip are the last party members who hadn’t had their bit yet.

Unsurprisingly, they’re as depressed as the rest. Or perhaps it even is surprising, at least a bit, in Gregory’s case. After all, his lot seemed to have changed most noticeably in his favour at the beginning of the chapter – from a shambling* zombie he turned into a real human. Pinocchio would have been delighted. On top of that, he received the ability to work magic! Powerful magic. Erratic magic, admittedly, but still powerful.

There was a downside involved, of course, and that was that he got bad eyesight in the bargain. Which really sucks, as I can assure you. But even considering that, he was pretty happy with the deal he got – until, of course, evil triumphed in the end and started casting the whole world into never-ending darkness. That lead him to reassess the whole situation, and in this new light…uh, I mean, in this new darkness, the assessment is starkly negative. And, just like his mates, he also isn’t quite happy with the degree to which he managed to live up to his assigned role.

K’ip, in the meantime, is similarly depressed. It’s less obvious in his case, because he’s napping…as he does much of the time. But just look at how angrily he’s napping. This isn’t a happy kitty! And in his case, we can be sure that the only reason for his dissatisfaction lies in the outward circumstances, i.e. the Triumph of Evil ™. He could not possibly be unhappy with the way he’s fulfilled his assigned role…for, unlike the others, he was born into it. And on top of that, his assigned role is cat, which can be perfectly fulfilled by just doing what you want to do at any given moment – you practically can’t fail at it. But you still can fail at preventing evil from triumphing and starting to cast the whole world into never-ending darkness. Which he did, so he’s pissed even while asleep.

But with this we’re through with assessing the state of the party, and can turn our attention toward the world as a whole.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

* Well, you didn’t see him shamble around a lot, but that’s only because I avoided depicting him before he had had his first cup of coffee in the morning.

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  1. If we’re at the end of The Great Depression, does that mean World War II is about to start? :3

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