Brushie, brushie, brushie – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 35

Well, I thought it was important that Biff and Mopey get an appropriate amount of female bonding time. But of course I had to focus on what the guys were doing in the meantime, for how should I know how female bonding time works? I mean, I could have gone with the stereotype, but I don’t know where my Mean Girls DVD got to…

So the bonding takes place off-screen, while we stay with the guys, who’re doing typical guy things like nothing and pony-grooming.The Barbarian…uh, I mean the Professor, of course, knows all about grooming horses, since he served in the Cavalry when he was a young man. Well, when he was a young man for the first time, I mean.

The pony-grooming isn’t really that thrilling on its own, I admit…but at least the whole thing provides the opportunity to have the ‘old’ Biff back in the strip, saying something stupid and getting malleted, like he always used to. It’s just virtuality, in this case, but I think the Profarian’s scenario is entirely likely.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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