The Story of Menstruation, recalled – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 34

That’s one of the benefits of having such a long-running webcomic. Instead of making the kind of tasteless menstruation joke I would be capable of making today, I can simply refer to an even more tasteless menstruation joke I made years and years ago. Less taste, more nostalgia, all in one, fell swoop.

In case you want to see the excerpt in its original context, as little of that as it had, it can be found here.

Mopey is also kind of happy that she can simply refer to the Professor’s older explanation, rather than having to explain the circumstances herself. That would have been awkward for her…even if the Professor’s explanation is a bit awkward in its own right. You do need a strong stomach to listen to the Professor’s lectures on any kind of physiological subject, it’s true. He’s ruthless with the truth, and doesn’t beat around the bush, unless there’s a dead horse around the bush. He’d hit that.

On the other hand, the Professor’s nigh limitless breadth of expertise always allows him to go on interesting tangents, here, for example, of a historical nature. And since his expertise allows it, and nobody forbids it, he nearly always goes off on tangents…a welcome diversion on a subject like this, but often underappreciated by people who only asked him for the way to the toilet, for example. Yet there are so many facts about the history of toilets that anyone intending to use one should know, it’s really hard to see why people mind being kept for that – it often takes less than 30 minutes.

Anyway, by the final panel Biff seems well on her way to catharsis, on several levels. If the Professor’s words helped or only sped up the process is hard to tell, as Mopey already pointed out.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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