That’s a Drawback. Period. – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 33

Oh well, looks like part of our intrepid team has to take a little break from boldly striding forth into a new world of adventure. And only a little while after finally beginning to boldly stride forth. Their average might still be okay, though, since up to now they’ve been striding at a pretty quick pace.

It’s Biff who’s experiencing a bit of an issue. It seems that Mopey, when giving Biff her quick run-down of the facts of life for new owners of a female body, skipped over a certain area of concern. >_> Understandably, perhaps, since Biff had enough trouble adapting already. She probably felt that dealing with this could wait a while*…without knowing, of course, how long that while would turn out to be, since you can’t schedule these things.

Anyway, Biff’s and Mopey’s stride is arrested, for the time being. The others are striding on for a bit, and will be waiting out of earshot, to give the two some space…or safety distance, rather. You never know, Biff might start throwing things around once she’s been informed that this will be happening to her once a month from now on. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* She definitely didn’t think that Biff might be aware of the issue in the abstract. He always had an abysmal record on awareness of problems that didn’t affect him in person.

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