Bullied By Bullion – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 48

Ah, dang. Snuka seemed to be off to such a good start.

Really nice mood-setting, with the close-up of the skull on his hat, all of the SFX and the sudden disappearance of their opponent. He was so close…so close…

Alas, at that very point the time-honored traditions of his new line of work caught up to him, and he couldn’t resist. So instead of powerful magic, he invoked a cheap trick, with appropriately underwhelming results. But what could he have done? You can’t just turn your back on legions upon legions of magicians of all ages and skill-levels who went before you. The coin-behind-the-ear trick is old, and lame, and everyone knows how it’s done…but it’s just what a magician has to do when he’s dealing with a coin. It’s inevitable.

There’s something present here, though, that’s not typical for the situation: since the coin involved here can actually act on its own and make its opinion heard, we get the unique opportunity to see…uh, the other side of the coin? How do the coins themselves think about this old tradition surrounding them? Perhaps unsurprisingly, they kinda resent the objectification and the general level of disrespect involved in the whole thing. And I guess they’ve got at least a bit of a point there. Won’t anyone think of the coins?*

More on Thursday.

*Well, actually it would probably be better if people would think less about money in general, but you know what I was getting at…

4 Replies to “Bullied By Bullion – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 48”

    1. Yeah, I had to be careful there. Snuka deserves a bit of a biffing, but if Biff got additionally biffed, he’d logically be biffer than before – so his name would change to Biffer or even Biffest, and might even destabilize his new-found personality again. So he only got boffed, even if that’s not nearly as effective. XD

    1. Yeah, but that would not have worked with a coin – since most people seem to agree that “new money” is even worse than “old money”. XD

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