Driven To Distraction – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 47

Going second in a team of four, Biff’s chances of success aren’t markedly higher than Gregory’s were, of course.

And, much like his team-mate, he fails by turning his biggest advantage against himself. In Gregory’s case, that was his remarkable marksmanship – in Biff’s case, it’s his ability to process the unlimited wealth of information his tablet grants him access to. If your ability to process is limited, it’s much easier to stay focused in your research – when it’s not, it’s very easy to go off on tangents driven by curiosity and the desire to gain as complete an understanding as possible.

Not being an expert on Asian coinage (as of yet), Biff has a lot to learn…and his personality having changed to what it is now, he also has a desire to learn it. As a result, the solution he’ll ultimately come up with is bound to be extremely well-considered, and thus likely effective – but the chances that he’ll come up with it within the time-constraints of this chapter are basically nil. He could spend years researching this, unless/until something knocks him out of it. In which regard the coin-monster might be eager to oblige, actually…

The team’s still scoring 0, I’m afraid.

More on Monday.

4 Replies to “Driven To Distraction – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 47”

  1. I like the strategically placed suspenders on Biff. Really outdoing yourself on the fanservice this movie. Though the middle strap mysteriously disappears starting at panel 4 and never comes back. Perhaps Biff became so lost in his research he lost part of his outfit too.

    1. Dang, that’s really embarrassing. XD I can’t even keep an outfit as simple as this one consistent, just for four panels in a row…I really need to get better organized. Or just pay more attention. ^_^; Fortunately, I can always fall back on my standard excuse, and say I did it on purpose to depict a typical B-movie continuity error. XD

  2. Lo, how many nights I’ve gone hours on end chasing links on a given topic… go looking for information on a specific specie, wind up on Leather Goddesses of 1949 tribute site…

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