Bursting the bubble – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 28

And thus Snuka’s budding career as a mob interrogator explodes right into his face. Together with a burning cigar. It might be momentarily frustrating for him, but somehow I’m still pretty sure that it’s to the benefit of humanity as a whole. And he was incredibly lucky, anyway – a lot of his kinetic energy was absorbed by that wall…he still fell a considerable distance after passing through it, but at least he was comfortingly close to the building on his way down.

Anyway, the sudden explosion of Busty’s head finally alerted the Professor to the fact that she was nothing but an elaborate, extremely clever and totally life-like decoy. But Busty’s head would definitely not explode, just like that – she might be airheaded, but the air isn’t under pressure.

The sudden realization that Busty is missing naturally causes a lot more anxienty than the similar revelation concerning Captain Valiant. Busty is female, white and blonde…in movie terms, that makes her a prime target for harm and completely unable to defend herself. Our friends rightly engage in a small bout of unrestrained panic. It’s just proper. Biff is particularly effected, since I don’t think he has fully understood what the Professor was trying to explain to him. He’s not that good at all of those relationship things.

More on Monday.

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