Chaaaaaaarge!!! – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 101

It’s rather obvious that even Gregory’s magic knows that the chapter is just about over – sensing that this is its last chance to leave a good impression, it gives him exactly what he asks for, going out on a high note. Whether that’ll be enough to plaster over all of the earlier times where it screwed up his orders (and often his whole day…sometimes his whole week…in the process) remains to be seen, but I’d say it has a fair shot at it, spans of attention being what they are.

As for Gregory, asking flat-out for electricity might not have been the best way to phrase it, since electricity is slightly difficult to handle in such an unadulterated form. But, unaware of his magic’s decision to cooperate today, he wouldn’t risk asking for a charge for the ride car…based on earlier experience, he was worried he’d get ridden down by a squadron of cavalry the next second. He might have tried something along the lines of asking for a fully-charged battery, but…yeah, it was a long chapter, and we’re all tired.

Mopey is a bit unfair to Tesla, here. The charging process for their cars doesn’t actually involve arc lightning. Anymore. Since the incident. Everything changed after the incident.

…uh…sorry, got a bit lost in thought, there. Was my thousand-yards-stare very obvious? >>>_>>>

And then our heroes are off on the dull real world ride. Which should be capitalized, since it’s a name, but the ride is so dull and nondescript it automatically drops back to lower case. Unsurprisingly, Mopey is the only one who’s kind of okay with the soul-crushing dullness of this ride, since it reflects pretty well how the real world appears to her on most days…her appreciation is seasoned, though, by the exciting prospect of being sucked into a space anomaly, which is a lot of fun if you aren’t prone to worry about survival.

More on Thursday.

6 Replies to “Chaaaaaaarge!!! – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 101”

  1. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out Elon Musk intended for Teslas to be powered by giant arcs of lightning and got talked out of it at the last moment. Let’s not forget the fact he, in all honesty, still wants to release a Tesla model which uses ten orbital rocket grade cold gas thrusters to improve road adherence and overall performance…
    I’m imagining the next step would be strapping a pair of SuperDraco engines so that you can bypass traffic jams by rocketing over them and hoverslamming down at the next intersection in front of everyone. Which would be awesome, by the way.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised, either, if Elon would have had to be talked out of something like that. It would, after all, be spectacular, and that seems to be one of his primary considerations and big motivators in all matters. XD And that does sound like a feature that would be nice to have when you’re stuck in a traffic jam…but then, of course, everyone would have it and employ it in that situation, so you’d still be caught in a traffic jam – just a much, much faster one.

        1. I’d say it depends on whether there’s any overtaking, or vehicle are retaining their relative positions. If there’s no overtaking, it’s only a fast-moving traffic jam – as they say about certain Formula 1 races for the same reason. XD

  2. They are calling the world filled by mummies, zombies, priest-pirates, dinosaurs, aliens, time travels, kaijus and magical teenaged boys dull? A fantasy world is dull by comparison.

    1. Yeah, I guess their personal experience of the ‘real’ world has been anything but dull…but they’re a statistical anomaly, which comes with being a protagonist. It’s a comparatively dull world for everyone who doesn’t happen to attend Lillytown U, because that’s the university the protagonists attend – all of the rest of the world, filled with NPCs, was pretty unaffected before chapter 8…XD

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