The Forests are Moving Closer – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 102

To round out our collection of vast and eternal forest we’ve seen this chapter, I present a real classic: The Amazon Rainforest, ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it a big hand.

I mean, it’s definitely vaster than either the Evergreen Forest or the Everred Forest, and it’s definitely more eternal, too…well, looking back, I mean, looking into the future it’s possibly not that eternal anymore. But nobody is going to beat this forest at having been around since the days when the oceans drank Atlantis. I mean, technically the Evergreen Forest has it beat at that, since in the fantasy world it’s situated in, Atlantis actually did exist…but in our world, if it would have existed, it would have existed far, far more recently than 33.9 million years ago, so I’m still awarding the point to the Amazon Rainforest. Like, almost no contest.

The rationale for the Arizona State Fair taking place here is, arguably, even weaker than for it taking place in Manitoba, but the setting has one big advantage – it makes the transition from a fantasy world to our boring old real world less abrupt. It would be hard to find many other places that would fit into a fantasy setting quite as easily and smoothly than this one. And, from a certain viewpoint, the rationales for the Arizona State Fair taking place anywhere outside of Arizona are all equally weak at 0% sense. (I drew this strip back in February, so I had no way of knowing that it wouldn’t be taking place in Arizona, either, this year…or that the one of the last alternative locations you could think of would be Brazil, at the moment…)

So the stage is set for our heroes’ return to our world, and they will arrive…on Monday.

4 Replies to “The Forests are Moving Closer – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 102”

  1. Well, I’m assuming the B-movie comic internal chronology doesn’t follow real world events, so by that metric, they don’t have a global Pandemic…

    1. Well, part of the justification for my buffer of finished strips is to give me some flexibility when it comes to reacting to current events…but frankly, I have no idea how I even would reflect something like COVID-19 in the strip, due to the Reed-Richards-Effect. So I guess I’m ignoring it by default. ^_^;

    1. About 40 strips – not quite half a year’s worth of updates, but not too far away from that. In terms of production, I’m actually quite some way into the next chapter right now. Having that sort of buffer is most of the secret to why I’ve only missed two updates in all those years, and those instances were both due to technical issues with the website.

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