InterDimension High-Speed Rail Service – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 103

Well, as weak as the rationale for transplanting the Arizona State Fair to the middle of the Amazon Forest might be, there are quite visible advantages to it: the way the Stockades & Skeletons ride is integrated into the landscape here wouldn’t have worked nearly as well anywhere else. Very scenic and kinda romantic, even.

But the nice visuals shouldn’t distract too much from the key event in today’s update: our heroes long-awaited return to their own world. And it’s just as spectacular as I would have imagined it…while being, perhaps, a bit less triumphant than expected. But if we assume that extra speed can make up for missing triumphalism, the turn of extra speed our heroes display in panel four should be more than enough to make up for all that’s missing and more. I guess Gregory did run into a little problem toward the end, after all…an issue with proper dosage of magic, as he has experienced before. Still! He managed to get them all home safely, which is a lot more than he expected of himself at the outset. Yes, he got them home safely….since, technically, they were safely in the air when they passed over the threshold, and the crash only happened when they were already on the other side, and so doesn’t count. >_>

Magic dosage aside, the other part of the problem was that the ride car is still equipped wit v0.98 of Tesla Motors’ electronic braking system, which somewhat over-pronounced spectacular visuals over precision of operation. I’ve heard it’s been somewhat improved with the most current version…v0.98999999993 >_>

More on Thursday.

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