Panties in a (Minor) Twist – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 104

See? That’s why you should never get too cocky as a fictional character, even if you are a very genre-savvy fictional character with amiable relationship with the fourth wall.

While Mopey correctly analyzed that the chances of any major twist were extremely low in view of how little running time is left, she overlooked the risk of running into a minor, but highly humiliating, comedic twist in the last few minutes. Those don’t take long to pull off, and don’t affect the big picture – but, boy, are they a pain in the ass for the character concerned. Fortunately for her, the no-nudity-clause in her contract limited her exposure – keeping the true heights (or would that be depths?) of her humiliation mercifully off-screen, and allowing her to re-assemble most of her dignity before the camera caught up with her.

It’s still humiliating enough, especially since her panties absolutely don’t measure up to her self-imposed standards of gothicness. Those look sickeningly cheerful, so having them end up in broad view definitely puts a damper on Mopey’s joy at having otherwise recovered her gothic stylings she was missing so dearly throughout most of this chapter. Somebody else might also have drawn some satisfaction from the simple fact of having survived the spectacular ending of that carnival ride, but I guess Mopey is already too jaded for that sort of thing. Aside from not being a big fan of living on general principle.

In short, Mopey is alive and mostly back to her old form, only mildly inconvenienced by a modest amount of disgrace to her modesty. But how did the others fare? – More on Monday.

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  1. There is still a very slim chance that someone will stay the way there were for comedic purposes or because they decided to replace an actor, But who could it be? It’s probably Snuka, because the universe hates Snuka, and not being able to return to his thieving ways shall cause him a lot of frustration. Or it can be Gregory, to put a drama in their relationship with Mopey (also, it’s easy to fix: just make Gregory killed and voodoo raised again. As long as he is not killing himself, that could hurt the rating). But wait! Professor is much better choice:imaging him teaching the class while being a kid. What can be more hilarious then that?
    Who am I kidding? Clearly it’s Biff. The cast is not diverse enough: only one female.We simply can’t have this! The actor playing Biff is going to be fired, being white heterosexual male. Unless he suddenly come out as a gay, he and his white privileges are going to die as a jobless hobo.
    Speaking of diversity, in the next film I predict someone in a cast is going to be replaced with a black gay transsexual, played by a black gay transsexual, of course. They are going to be a shit actor, but at least a quota going to be filled.

    1. WELL…I can’t really comment about it further at this point, to avoid spoilers. And you’re not thinking entirely into the right direction, but…there still might be a certain amount of legitimacy to thinking that not everthing will just revert to the way it was, without any lasting changes. *coughcough*butyoudidn’thearthatfromme*coughcough*

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