Everyone Made it Back! – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 105

There was probably not a lot of doubt about it, but still – this strip elegantly confirms that Mopey wasn’t the only one who managed to return to the real world from the fantasy setting. As you can clearly see, everyone made it back.

Even Snuka, who’s hardly ever before made it back from an adventure in such a straight-forward, untroubled manner. Strangely enough, his happy return only seems to make him more sour about those earlier incidents and the people he holds responsible for them. A weird thing, the human mind. But, no matter his misgivings about the past, he’s as happy as everyone that everyone has made it back.

Of course, saying that Snuka’s manner of return was untroubled is conjecture. Mopey obliquely implies that she encountered some issues, but wisely avoids to describe the humiliating details. Gregory and Snuka, being equally wise, might actually have encountered the same kind of wardrobe malfunction and just decided to keep mum about it. No need to conjure up unnecessary mental pictures in other people and similar considerations, you know. Especially since it would affect everyone, since everyone got back from the fantasy realm.

What makes it more likely that Gregory and Snuka might have been similarly affected is the fact that Biff apparently encountered the same issue as Mopey. Not being wise…definitely not being wise…he does not keep mum about it. Not that that really matters, since the others would still have learned of the issue, thanks to the fact that Biff…not being wise…didn’t manage to amend it thoroughly or completely enough. That does resolve the issue of mental pictures, of course, but replacing them with an actual picture isn’t necessarily an improvement. Nevertheless, as Mopey correctly states, Biff demonstrating a lack of wisdom firmly resides in the territory of “everything back to normal” – just where you’d expect things to reside, with everyone having returned safely.

The precise manner of Biff’s demonstration is a bit plot-holish, though, come to think about it. Given that his body changed back to its original form, you’d actually expect him to be hyper-aware of his crotch area right now – after all, to him it must feel quite distinctively different from the way it felt this whole past chapter. The feeling would certainly be familiar to him from the past, but you’d still expect there to be a moment of pause, at least. And that would have been the perfect moment to co-notice the absence of pants. Oh well, a slight issue by B-movie standards. And the main thing, after all, is that everyone made it back, isn’t it?

More on Thursday.

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  1. Remember when we had female nudity back in film one? Good times.
    Now, ladies, it’s your turn to enjoy some censored fanservice.

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