Chest-Thumping with Stress on the THUMP Part – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 38

As you can see, the Barbaressor’s outfit has been successfully relocated, and he’s quite decent again – as decent as one can be with a minimally-covering outfit of studded leather and fur. So, decent by somewhat barbaric standards. Which isn’t inappropriate in his case.

And there’s experience points and loot, so he did at least not get humiliated without any pay-off.

But, speaking of being decent, Snuka isn’t anymore. And I don’t mean decent in the context of clothing – he still is decent in that regard. And I also don’t mean having decent morals, since he never really did have those to begin with. But he used to be a more than decent, even excellent, picklock…and now he’s less than decent, even abysmal, in that important field.

For even a just-decent thief should be able to disarm a poison needle trap without too much of a problem. And even if he happens to trigger it accidentally, he’d at most get hit for 1D4 of damage (+ poison)…inflicting 350D8 of damage on the scenery, instead, requires one spectacularly bad dice roll.

Gregory, in the meantime, is wondering about…why he’s suddenly wondering about things so much. Including wondering about that. And that just now. And that, too. And…well, you get the idea. Sorry, Gregory, you’re an intellectual now…I can imagine it’s hard to get used to, but you don’t have much choice anymore. And, yeah, it comes with the glasses. And, no, they never tell that anyone beforehand.
The philosophy incident he mentioned happened back here, in Chapter 6.

The Profarian, meanwhile, isn’t wondering about why he isn’t wondering about stuff as much as he used to. Obviously, since he had nothing to wonder about in that regard, if he was wondering about it, see?

Anyway, the takeaway is that everyone seems to be slightly of their rocker…

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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