Chewwilling and -able – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 43

Oh K’ip, when will you finally learn to think before you act?

It’s true, at first glance, his plan appears to be brilliant, borderline genius…use the established power of advertising to convince the roving monsters in this dungeon that chewing two cavemen a day is good for their health. Then just sit back, relax and watch your enemies getting taken out by your other enemies…while imagining the spirit of Sun Tzu smiling serenely on you from the afterlife, satisfied with the benefit you’ve derived from his instructions.

And the chances of success seemed convincing…who could doubt the effectiveness of advertising in this regard, given its track-record? It’s already managed to convince uncounted millions of parents to regularly feed cavemen to their young children. Feed cavemen. To children. If there’s stronger proof for the power of advertising, I don’t know what it would be. And it should be easier, anyway, in the case at hand – after all, the dungeon monsters already have an above-average willingness to eat people.

Given all that, it’s no wonder that K’ip’s plan worked out as intended. So, why am I criticizing it? Well, because he obviously didn’t consider the long term consequences! He’s giving health benefits to monsters! Flintstones are loaded with vitamins, so if the monsters in this dungeon make a habit of chewing two cavemen a day…it will get rid of all of the Neanderthals, but it will also cause all of the other monsters to be healthier, stronger and do better in school! A few years down the line, the monsters in this dungeon might be so powerful and smart that no party of adventurers might ever be able to risk setting foot into it again. SMH…it’s so obvious, but K’ip seems to be blissfully unaware of these consequences in his smugness.

So what’s the lesson of today’s episode? Always consider the long-term consequences of your actions as best you can.

Oh, and take your vitamins regularly. >_>

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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