The Cat Came Back – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 44

Well, looks like Cat Noir has suffered some …(take a deep breath and brace yourself)…disproportionate punishment. =D

. . .

. .


Okay, wanted to give you enough time to recover from that pun. Or some time, at least – it might not really have been enough, obviously, but I don’t have all day.

But, yeah, we’re back with the other group, the transition being eased by Mopey’s little nod toward providing exposition (Thank you, Mopey). There’s not a lot to relate, anyway, since the team had little time to make any progress before Mr. Noir made his dramatic return appearance. His ego is barely bruised, his body is still in one piece…the only visible damage is that that piece is a bit shorter than it was before. Always landing on one’s feet is not quite as much of a boon to a two-legged cat as it is to a four-legged one, due to the higher ground pressure. Physics, you know. >_>

This turn of events might also…uh…cut short Adrien’s modelling career. Not in the sense that it won’t run for as long, but in the sense that he’ll mostly have to model only from the waist up from now on. >_> (Of course he might still feel superior to colleagues who model mostly from the waist down…)

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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