The Cat Went Away Again – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 45

The return of the cat turns out to be less of a problem for our friends than one might have expected, as Mopey quickly succeeds permanently where Gregory had only succeeded temporarily: at distracting the cat with a cat-toy. And high time it was, too, since his punning had nowhere to go but down.

The secret lay in choosing a toy with proven effectiveness against this cat in particular, instead of just cats in general. Cats in general, after all, are good a catching bugs, ladybugs included. This particular cat has an individual, seemingly intractable problem with it. ._. Which raises the question how Mopey was aware of that fact, though. An obvious answer would be that Mopey might be a fan of that show…but I wouldn’t recommend asking her for confirmation of that. >_> The tone of the show is at odds with the kind of image Mopey endeavors to maintain, so she would never confirm it, and possibly get angry in the process. It’s simply not properly goth to like that show. Let alone cosplay or write yaoi fanfiction for it. You haven’t heard that from me. >_>

Speaking of Mopey, it seems like she’s skipped quite a few interesting episodes in her flashback. It’s unfortunate, but constraints of time and space left her no other choice. Too much happened in those intervening months to retell it all. The episode with the toy-making gnome wizard really might have been worth the retelling though, for not only does it explain how Mopey came into the very plot-convenient possession of a wind-up ladybug, the whole thing also indirectly led to the creation of this setting’s equivalent to real-life Switzerland. Oh well, perhaps some other time.

By the end of the episode, our party has finally arrived in front of the door. Obviously the door, not just some door. That’s quite clear from the needlessly convoluted design of the thing – unless a DM/writer is trying to be very clever or cute about these things, the level of detail in the description of some item tends to be proportional to its importance to the plot within a fantasy setting. Add to that the door’s introduction is accompanied by a doomish sound effect of doooom, and it’s quite clear that the ultimate goal of our friends’ quest is within reach…well, I mean, would be within reach if there wasn’t a door in the way. >_>

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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    1. I can’t recall a Sesame Street short like that…but the door is partly inspired by one from the movie The Labyrinth, so it would at least be related to a Sesame Street one via Jim Henson, who did those effects for the movie.

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