The Other Door of Doom – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 46

And back to K’ip! As fate – or a gratuitous amount of plot contrivance – would have it, he arrives at the door nearly at the same time as Team B.

Of course, his the door is not the same the door as the other the door…while there is, naturally, only one the door per quest, K’ip and Si’ri are on a quest of their own, which intersects with, but is not identical to, the quest the other teams is on. Therefore, they get a the door that’s specific to them.

And, as Si’ri is so good to point out, this door might even be more theish a door than the other the door. The the door, if you so want, or the expletive door. It might lack the entertaining gargoyle feature that the other the door has, but it features barbed wire entanglements and anti-tank obstacles – for a the door in a fantasy setting, these count as premium features that few the doors have. The lack of an industrial base for wire production and the relative rarity of tanks in fantasy settings contributes to that, I’d guess, but not every DM is a stickler for historical verisimilitude.

Speaking of things Si’ri was so good to point out: Thanks for the exposition, Si’ri. It’s important to try and keep everyone on the same page with this sort of inter-cutting two separate threads of action. Too bad Mopey’s and Si’ri’s respective team-mates seem to lack any sort of appreciation for their continued important service.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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