Coming Together Again – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 2

So that’s another loose thread dealt with…or a loose part, rather.

The (censored) of Vecna might only have been a McGuffin in the context of the plot, deservedly unmentioned ever since it has played out that part – but there is one person for whom it retained quite a bit of value and meaning, even after this point, and on a quite deeply personal level.* >_> These past few centuries, Vecna has been kind of all over the place, but off lately he’s made an effort to try and collect himself together again. And he’s been making progress, even if he still appears a bit frayed at the edges – which isn’t unusual for a lich, anyway.

His newest re-acquisition once more expands the available functionality of his body, and in certain ways that should also help with his mental equilibrium. Between that and the chuckle he got out of learning about the “head of Vecna” thing, he’s feeling a lot less dead already, and a lot more ali…uh, undead. So very much a happy end to this chapter from his particular perspective. Which might make it not so much of a happy end for everyone else, given that he’s still 98% pure evil – but, still, compared to the great evil that was just vanquished, he’s a much smaller threat, if only because I’m pretty certain that he’ll fall to pieces again at the next opportunity. It’s a habit…

More on Thursday.

* And probably really only one person. I can’t imagine Vecna ever having been much of a relationship guy. >_>

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