Counter-Coffee Break – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 18

Uh, yeah. They’re not taking a coffee break, precisely – more like a ‘side-effects of coffee’ break. >_>

Naturally, the side-effects are on the same heightened scale as the main effects, when it comes to these highly-concentrated super-beans (and the same would obviously go, conveniently, for the super-strength taurine in the Human Energy drink). And, unlike a more commercially aligned comic, the BMC doesn’t hide these effects, but rather acknowledges the grim reality and puts it out there for all to see!

Well, not really to see…let’s modify that to “acknowledges the grim reality and clearly alludes to it in a just slightly roundabout way!” As I said, we’re dealing with supernaturally increased volumes here…so I felt like an actual depiction might be…beyond the public’s need to know. Or wish to see. But still! Just the allusion already confirms the BMC’s dedication to unvarnished reality – always on display when I feel that way about it, and not the other way. >_> (You know, you shouldn’t be too consistent about things, that’s just anal.)

Aside from the realistic depiction of the consequences of a supernaturally accelerated metabolic rate (so shamefully missing from commercial superhero comics, where there would be a long list of characters who should logically suffer from them), this strip also realistically depicts the limitations of trying to follow super-high-speed-shenanigans with the help of a smartphone camera. Now Latho has lots of footage of a fight that wasn’t even going on at that moment in time. But then, what’s wrong with having a few clips of the absence of conflict? You could look at them when you’re feeling aggressive to get into a more peaceful mindset… >_>

More on Thursday.

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