Learning From Experience – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 19

Sorry, no comment today again – feeling a bit under the metaphorical weather again… ^_^;

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  1. Sunka IDs a fairly common hazard when dealing with time travel. This highly energetic phenomena generates Doctorian radiation which causes plotular dystrophy to occur in works of fiction. A common symptom of this ailment is weak and repetitive humor provided and/or received by the designated comic relief character, which is Sunka. This is one of the few lessons from Prof. Doctor that stuck since it handily explained his condition and the condition of the world he inhabits.

    1. And it’s definitely the best explanation I’ve ever heard for it – perfectly befitting the concept in tone and intellectual coherence. XD But, yeah…Snuka’s high amount of genre-savvyness has probably a lot to do with him knowing, by painful experience, that he tends to be the one on the receiving end of just about anything that can go wrong in an unexpected and/or humorous fashion.

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