Flying Fish – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 20

Well, obviously Nolan wasn’t going to steal the “Sharknado” idea outright – that would go against the B-movie producer code of honor.

Admittedly, when it comes to ‘borrowing’ plot ideas, the honor in question is often only on the level of honor among thieves, but still. Ripping off an A-movie is ethically defensible, since the people behind it tend to be swimming in money. Ripping of a B-movie isn’t, since those people aren’t. Ripping of a C-movie? Nobody cares about the ethics of that, since it’s not a worthwhile idea to begin with. >_>

Anyway, no Sharknado in this movie, just a Tuna-do. Which is only an allusion/homage to the concept – the little brother of plagiarism. Still a pampered, bratty brother, perhaps, but definitely smaller – which is the point. =P

And, yeah – even after managing to avoid stepping into the obvious trap of the oh-so-convenient time travel plot, Snuka then stepped right into the obvious trap next to it. For one other obvious thing a super-speedy character can achieve by running in circles really fast is creating a whirlwind funnel. Which could be an awesome weapon in any number of situations!

…if there was any way to control it.

…which there isn’t and can’t be, given the atmosphere’s systemic nature. >_>

So, in another bid at polishing the BMC’s realism credit, Snuka is enabled to create the damn thing, but that’s all. From that point on, its course was directed by random chance…and random chance has a well-known bias* against fish markets. I don’t know why, exactly, but likely because of the smell. >_>

More on Thursday.

*Yeah, complete randomness with a well-known bias. So much for that realism credit…

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