Coupe De Grace – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 31

There’s a level of artistry to French living, so you shouldn’t assume something is pointless just because there’s no obvious point to it. ._.

In Ancient Greece, the victorious party in a conflict erected a trophy on the site of battle…and in France, it seems the victors are supposed to deliver a coupé to the vanquished. It seems odd, at first, but it’s possibly some kind of consolation price?

It probably was more highly regarded in the past, when French carmakers produced some outstandingly elegant coupés. What I know about the lineups of current French marques, I couldn’t really point to any car I’d particularly enjoy receiving as a consolation price after a defeat, but your mileage might vary (as tends to be the case with cars in general). ._.

Contrary to Mopey’s speculation, I’m not sure this tradition really goes back to the Merovingians, though. We know little about transportation in their age, but I kinda doubt that they produced coupé versions of their oxcarts. ._. Aside from that, it was an age where consoling the vanquished didn’t seem to be particularly high on the agenda of anybody holding political responsibility, they probably felt that that was a matter for the Church.

Anyway, no matter how ancient this ancient custom is, Mopey has fulfilled it: she’s delivered a coupé to the defeated mega-sloth, and we can all move on now. ._.

More on Monday.

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  1. If your opponent willingly goes to his knees, help him rebuild. If he does not, wipe him from the history books.

    1. I’m not sure why people are obsessed with wiping stuff from the history books – hardly anyone reads them, anyway. It’s more than enough if you wipe something from TV news and big-budget movies, then it will no longer exist for easily 90 % of people. XD

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