Impact! – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 30

After due consideration, I have decided that the attack should take out its target, but not the rest of life on Earth. ._. It’s probably not the most realistic outcome, but the destruction of all life on Earth would have created a bit of a plot-hole. And you know how much I hate those and do my utmost to avoid them to the greatest degree possible. >_> Please stop laughing.

But there needed to be at least a bit of collateral damage, of course…and for once, the victim could not be Snuka, since this is a focus episode for him. So Mopey gracefully agreed to take his place…or rather, failed to look up at the right moment to notice the meteor coming hurtling into her direction. Sometimes, it’s easier to ask a character for forgiveness, rather than permission…and I’m kinda counting on the effect that Mopey will have an opportunity to work off her frustration/aggression on the helpless mega-sloth immediately after being released from her current predicament – that should hopefully alleviate any need for further retribution. Hopefully.

And should that not work out, there’s a good chance that any excess frustration/aggression will be vented on Snuka – his focus episode should be over by then, and he’s standing conveniently close. Plus, he looks guilty, as usual. We’ve been over that. >_>

More on Thursday.

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  1. Oh, look! Rocks can fall to the Earth without causing catastrophic, city-wide damage. Michael Bay lied to us!

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