“crackle”? – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 138


._. That doesn’t sound good. A single crackle isn’t as bad as a full blown “fizz, crackle and pop”…but it’s still pretty concerning when you’re talking about crystalline structures, isn’t it?

I think it’s high time for the Evil Queen to launch her unblockable, ultimate attack now. Soonish-like. Especially since “Super Quadruple Love Attack” sounds like it may be the good guys’ ultimate attack. You know, because they’re four, and attacking in combination? In this genre, ultimate attacks always require the whole magical-girl team to combine their forces, and then the leader directs the accumulated energy onto target. Which Mopey looks like she might just have done?

And I mean, her scepter could hardly get any bigger from what it’s now, that fact also would seem to indicate “ultimate”. Plus she crossed herself. In anime and manga, that usually hasn’t any religious/theological meaning as such, and is more of general symbol of…uh…something…but it’s not typically used lightly, instead being reserved for situations that deserve some kind of status acknowledgement in the form of a vague gesture with unspecific religious overtones. I probably couldn’t express myself any more vaguely, here, but it’s still something that indicates “ultimate”, as well.

Thus my advice to the Evil Queen for this week: Hurry the f up now. ._.

More on Thursday.

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