Oops – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 139

Oops. Looks like the “crackle” was followed by a “fizz”, after all – and then, quite definitely, a “pop”. O_O

Okay, so I take back everything I said about the advantages of having intelligent subordinates a few episodes ago. The twins are just completely useless in every regard, irrespective of their level of intelligence at any given time. >_> I guess the alternative, being surrounded by idiots, isn’t actually that bad – as long as we’re talking idiots who aren’t constantly distracted by thoughts of hardcore f*censored*g, or the actual act thereof. >_>

Tragically, from the view of the villainess…which, I guess, means it’s actually not tragic from a wider and more conventional perspective…the twin’s failure to give her the all-important cue for her ultimate attack has left her dark crystal shattered. And just when it was about to get healed and made whole again, too. I can understand that Jen is a bit upset…being a few minutes late at the end of an epic quest that spanned years and continents is really, really poor timing. And he probably didn’t even get any hardcore f*censored*g out of the deal. They probably were late only because Jen had to take a leak, or something.

So…yeah, everything is a bit of a shambles right now?

More on Monday.

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  1. If only you could insert a Censorship bar emoji in your creator’s blurb.

    Also nice The Dark Crystal insert.

    1. I should look into that, I’m not sure whether the CMS allows custom emojis. It would definitely allow me to lift my inappropriate love for the censorship bar to new levels. XD

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