Crime And Punishment – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 96

I’m not sure why the Moon is so keen on seeing people punished, but it’s a staple of the genre, so I had to abide by it. ._.

My best bet is that it has something to do with plans to transport the city of Tokyo to a new location on the Moon. And rebuilding it in crystal in place of steel and concrete in the process. I’m not entirely sure which benefits are supposed to accrue from that, but it’s sure one of the more ambitious urban renovation projects I’ve heard of.* ._.

Mopey seems to be as confused as me as to why the Moon makes her do this, but she still delivers the sentiment on cue. She doesn’t get to deliver the punishment itself, though, before getting interrupted. Not sure how she feels about that in her current iteration. Classic!Mopey would sure have resented getting stopped from delivering some punishment…if she had even allowed herself to get stopped. MagicalGirl!Mopey might feel less attracted to the idea of punishing people, but might still resent not getting to do the cool scene which would certainly have been involved in that.

But interrupted she does get, and look! It’s Snuka’s kinda-“girlfriend”. And from the looks of it…or rather, from the way she is looking, it appears she’s evil! Glowing eyes aren’t entirely exclusive to evil characters, but in combination with a scowl, a dark aura and highly unnatural atmospheric disturbances, the verdict is quite clear: evil. I guess she and Snuka were really made for each other, after all. <_<

More on Thursday.

* I’m assuming that the Sailor Moon manga is a reliable source of information on urban renovation projects. >_> Mostly because I care so little about the subject of urban renovation that I can’t be bothered to check.

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