Laugh And Grow Fat – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 97

Admittedly, Snuka hasn’t actually interacted on-screen that much with his presumptive girlfriend, which left the precise level or status of their relationship in some doubt, up to now – but today we’re receiving our first clue on how far precisely they have or haven’t gone.

The clue, in this case, is in the laughter – its volume and duration, to be specific. A revelation/transformation scene like this almost requires the villain to issue burst of maniacal laughter, of course. Only certain types of villains with aloof, super-serious or plainly non-human characterization are excused from it.
But while a few such bursts are definitely par for the course, and a few more are still appropriate, the amount of laughter pearling out of our newly-minted villainess is far beyond the normal level.

Which allows us to conclude, with a high level of confidence, that she obviously hasn’t had a good laugh in quite some while. From which we can draw a further conclusion: obviously, her relationship with Snuka hasn’t progressed to the point where she would have seen him naked. ._.

Oh well, perhaps I shouldn’t bash Snuka like that…especially since Biff has already gotten started on that. He does have a point, though…a purely white and innocent person would have a very hard time maintaining a long-term relationship with Snuka. Who doesn’t kick puppies nearly as frequently as he used to – or as a full-time villain would – but still is only human, and can’t really leave every single puppy he might run into completely unkicked. Impulse control can only take you so far.

As for Mopey’s reaction…well, we’ve already seen that her original, gothic personality hasn’t been completely vanquished. So, while she can’t currently fully account for the reasons herself, something in the style and appearance of the villainess awakens an unexpected emotion in her. Jealousy. ._.

More on Monday.

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  1. Hmm, she and Snuka are actually perfect for each other though I think the multiverse itself might shutter at the idea of the resulting children.

    1. Oh, come on, I’m sure their baby would be very adorable and cute. The horns would still be small and soft at that point, and the little wings hardly noticeable. And later, when the kid is a teenager…well, they could hardly be worse than the average teenager, anyway. Only adulthood would finally reveal the true demonic nature. XD

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