Healthy Perspective – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 98

Well, the people who thought Snuka would be utterly crushed by this unexpected development in his romantic life were wrong.

As were the people who thought he’d just shrug it off and be otherwise completely unaffected.

Only kinda wrong, though, in both cases.

And both groups were also kinda right.

Snuka is completely crushed and devastated, but regains perspective incredibly fast. I felt that that is, ultimately, the kind of reaction that fits in best with his character in general: he isn’t incapable of tender emotions for fellow human beings, but he’s very flexible and pragmatic about that – as he would have been taught to be by his deprived and desperate childhood.

Or perhaps he is callous through and through and just wanted to make use of the opportunity to show off his ability to fake emotions*? A plausible alternative explanation. XD

And as a further alternative, perhaps I simply didn’t give enough screentime to the Snuka/Evil!Queen relationship to give this turn of events the required emotional heft. I should have shown them going on a date at least once, I guess…ah well, I can always do that in a flashback in the course of the next chapter, can’t I?

More on Thursday.

* Which he would have been taught by his deprived and desperate childhood

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  1. Capable of feeling but also keeping things in perspective and not wasting time on worrying–get back to work because nothing is gained by wallowing in self-pity. Snuka is INTJ, like me.

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