Welcome to the Dark Crystal Queendome – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 99

And here we hear…or rather see, by way of sound effect, which carries the idea of something audible…the evil Queen’s laughter peter out.

Yes, she’s been laughing non-stop from last Thursday till just now. ._. Talk about pent-up laughter. Not even anybody who has seen Snuka naked has ever laughed for that long at the sight. I’m impressed.

But at least the laughter doesn’t take up any more screentime, which is better invested into a magical change of scenery, some ominous statements into the general direction of the heroes…and then some even more ominous statement into the general and specific direction of a certain pair of subordinates. Inevitably so, I might add. Inflicting pain on your subordinates always takes priority over inflicting pain on your enemies for a proper villain – it’s all about building the tension. Of course, this sort of ordering rests on the idea that the audience sympathizes more with the heroes than with the villain’s henchmen – which might not actually be the case in every case. But still, it would set the wrong precedent to abandon the order here.

And, yeah, that’s the problem with having a twin: between siblings who differ in age, the question of which sibling gets to hide behind the other has something of a natural answer, in the vast majority of cases. In the case of twins it can turn into a controversial question, especially if the situation makes hiding into a particularly attractive concept, as is the case here.
Admittedly, I’m deviating from the source of this chapter’s inspiration here – from what I’ve seen, in anime the age difference between twins does matter. While it may come down to mere minutes, there is always an older twin and a younger twin, and the usual age-based hierarchical structures seem to fully or near-fully apply to their relationship.
I couldn’t really get myself to follow that pattern, though, so these twins consider themselves to be of the exact same age. Which made their interactions up to now a lot less complicated…but does, admittedly, complicate their current interaction quite considerably.

More on Monday.

4 Replies to “Welcome to the Dark Crystal Queendome – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 99”

  1. Uh oh, I’ve seen this before from Xenogears – The queen has a case of ellipses poisoning. While there are treatments, I’m afraid there are no cures.

    1. Naw, it’s just that the actress playing the Queen attended the William Shatner School of Acting and picked up a habit of making idiosyncratic pauses in her dialogue from her teacher. XD

    1. Wide hips or not, that just sounds very, very painful. o_o It probably wouldn’t be ideal for the health of the babies, either…there’s just a limit of how close you should be to your brother, even among twins.

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