Cue Mournful Harmonica Music in the Distance – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 50

So, the technical issues have been sorted out and I’ve successfully extricated all of the cast from the singularity.

Fortunately, there’s no further need for exposition, everyone’s on the same page now. Literally. And they’ve already settled into a comfortable…awkward Mexican-style standoff. Mexican-style only, of course – it’s not a true Mexican standoff since there are only two parties. And it’s also not truly comfortable…but it is truly and definitely awkward.

The occasion obviously motivates the cinematographer to get inspired in his camera work – inspired by the legendary Sphagetti Westerns of his youth, obviously. The extreme close-ups work…kinda, but not terribly well in all cases. K’ip and Mopey work reasonably well, but Snuka already much less so…Biff is okay, but Gregory is plagued by reflections rendering his glasses opaque. Which is supposed to happen if you’re Gendo Ikari, or somebody in that mold (or somebody in that mood), but not actually to him in this situation. >_>

The Professor’s close-up is ruined by the cheap camera equipment, which allows only a limited range for height adjustment, and Si’ri’s close-up is as successful as it is pointless, her having no facial features discernible to the unarmed human eye.

But, yeah, there is a tense stand-off. Our heroes seem to distrust our heroes at first glance – and, vice versa, our heroes also seem to distrust our heroes. In both cases, it’s kinda understandable on the basis of their past experiences.

But how can this stalemate be overcome? More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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  1. I can’t help but think had the Professarian’s close-up came before Biff’s, the cameraman would have claimed technical difficulties re-adjusting the camera and shot Biff’s close-up at the same height as the Barbessor. 😉

    1. Which wouldn’t have been that bad, actually…according to my height chart, that would mostly cover Biff’s neck and lower face, since the Professarian isn’t even THAT short. XD

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