Expository Singularity – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 49

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Today was supposed to be the big day when the two separate separate threads of the plot finally merge into one! And they did…
The only problem was the exposition that Mopey and Si’ri had been so stalwartly providing to smooth over all of the intercutting that led up to this – it seems that, as both of their narrations caught up with the present and with each other at the same time, it all collapsed into some sort expository singularity, creating an inescapable, interminable, ever-growing story loop. O_o;

Fortunately, I’m always prepared for this sort of issue and managed to throw a shoe at my monitor before the whole universe could be consumed. Uh…I hope I’ll have all of this sorted out by Mon…uh, Thursday.

Uh…and in spite of everything: Thanks, Si’ri. Thanks, Mopey. Up to the point where it began to threaten the concept of sanity itself on a galaxy-wide scale, your exposition was very helpful. >_>

2 Replies to “Expository Singularity – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 49”

  1. It’s a good thing your computer works on B-movie rules and by breaking the monitor, the CPU is somehow also rendered inoperable by extension.
    If only fixing computers worked in the opposite way as well. >_>

    1. Well, it’s got pros and cons, you see? In this case I was lucky I could shut it down via striking the monitor…but the big drawback with using a B-movie computer is that it explodes spectacularly every time it encounters a general protection fault. ._.

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