Cue Reluctant Clapping in the Close Vicinity – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 52

So today we learn about right ways to clap and wrong ways to clap. >_>

As it turns out, only the right way to clap can help a dying fairy overcome her pretend health crisis. The wrong way to clap, i.e. ironic or sarcastic clapping, does nothing for her.

An ironic clap is one that isn’t meant sincerely, although it might not be immediately obvious. A sarcastic clap is one that isn’t meant sincerely, and where that’s bleeding obvious – but the recipient might still be too dense to realize it. >_> So, a subtle difference. Both types are also colloquially referred to as golf clap…because no one really considers golfing a sport, but pretends to do so to keep their boss happy.

The kind of clapping that can really help a fairy must come from the heart. Ideally the heart of a long-time traveling companion who just can’t get himself to admit in any other way that he’s actually grown quite fond of his companion fairy over time. Which might have to do with the fact that it involves admitting that his initial reaction on meeting Si’ri was a bit unfair. She has her annoying sides, and a hard time hiding them, but, HEY, LISTEN!, that’s really not all there is to her.

While I cannot condone Si’ri’s tactic of pretending to have a heart attack, I would have to agree that this was probably one of only very few ways to get K’ip to admit that their relationship has improved beyond the point of merely tolerating her. And I probably wouldn’t have been able to condone any of those few other ways either, so…

Anyway, after this little heart-warming interlude, it’s back to the, likely still tense, standoff on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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