Springtime for Heroes – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 53

It’s springtime! Spring-into-action-time, that is. And it was high time, too, since the tense standoff had really started to drag.

With our heroes, and also our heroes, apparently unable to get over the standoff situation on their own, it ultimately took a little prodding by DM to get things moving. Which is only proper, of course, since that’s his job, after all. Being suddenly there without explanation is also pretty much on par for the guy, so, everything seems in order…I mean, the little info-handgrenade he’s lobbed into the proceedings doesn’t seem like an entirely fair representation of what our heroes should be seeing in our heroes, or what our heroes should be seeing in our heroes, of course. But he’s probably got a reason for this slight misrepresentation, right? Perhaps it was simply needed to get the ball rolling, at last…

From the department of not-springing-into-action, Si’ri has wisely (as opposed to weaselly) chosen to remain on the sidelines, for now. She’s still kinda shook from her emotional rollercoaster of those last few episodes, so she’s taking a bit of care of herself. Which means not only drinking, I should point out! She’s also put on a relaxing cucumber mask, but you can’t see it because of her glowy nature. And she’s not been drinking to excess! In fact, she’s really only had a mere drop of wine.
…of course, in relation to a body weight of 15 grams, that’s still…

Check back on Mon…uh, Thursday, to see where our heroes have sprung off to.

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