Dark Overpriced Master – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 44

If you wonder why Biff is shivering in the last panel…well, he’s wearing only swimming trunks, and there was a sudden gust of cold air. Completely unrelated to the plot, just a small nod to realistic randomness of circumstances. >_>

As for why Biff can’t get himself to properly shiver at the revealed sight of their newest enemy…well, it’s not that he doesn’t know that shadows are associated with the word ‘deceptive’ for a purpose. He’s just a bit surprised at the sheer degree to which these particular shadows were deceptive. Just concerning the general amount of tentacles, fangs and razor-like teeth the shadows indicated, and the noticeably smaller amount of tentacles, fangs and razor-like teeth in evidence on the actual monster. ._.

But try to look beyond the superficialities: the monster is obviously money-based, and that clearly implies enormous damage potential. Historically speaking, the amount of damage caused by money massively outweighs the amount of damage caused by giant, Cthulhu-like sea monsters. Since the latter isn’t really terribly high. If extent at all…basically, the closest you get to historical evidence for damage caused by giant, Cthulhu-like sea monsters…involves crediting them with all military successes ancient believers credited in gratefulness to the Semitic deity Dagon, since Dagon also appears in works by H.P. Lovecraft. Uh. ._. Let’s just say it’s not strong historical evidence.

More on the wacky adventures of the goofy-looking coin-monster on Thursday.

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