Dark Undersea Master – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 43

Yeah, Mopey still has a hard time getting over the great Digimon-Dagomon-disappointment-debacle of 2000.

As do I, obviously. >_> I apologize to everyone unaffected (lucky you!) for this tangent…or nurturing of old (and trivial) grudges…
But, hey, the plot naturally did call for a monster appearing from the ocean at this juncture, so using the opportunity to hearken back to those bad old days is essentially just a bonus. Or a malus? Hard to say into which direction this one would be counting… >_>

So, yeah, me and Mopey are slightly contented by the opportunity to vent…too bad for Snuka, who made a very earnest effort to appropriately elevate the situation with his acting, which then fell flat due to Mopey non-selling it. But, hey, what’s one more “Too bad for Snuka” situation in a life so full of them?

More – and a much more revealing reveal – on Monday.

5 Replies to “Dark Undersea Master – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 43”

    1. Don’t think this monster is after Julius Caesar, though…although it might have stepped on Caesar’s palace if the story was set in Las Vegas. XD

  1. I’m a simple man.
    When I see a monster coming from the sea, I want a giant robot to fight it.
    Too bad the heroes are already magical girls, and everyone knows magical girls can’t pilot giant robots.*

    *(they actually can)

    1. Yeah, Magic Knight Rayearth is widely considered the foundation of the Mecha-Magical-Girl subgenre. And there have been quite a few others, even if the genre never took off really massively. And…

      …well, not to give too much away…

      >_> … <_< ... *whispers*...but there will be a bit of giant robo action in this chapter, just not right now.

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