Quit Beaching And Get On With It – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 42

Yeah, in pursuit of efficiency* I’ve decided to deal with all of the other obligatory stock elements of a beach episode in a single strip.

Assigning the different tasks to the different characters was relatively easy:
– crab attack victim: painful and humiliating, so clearly a job for Snuka. And, yeah, that’s the same crab that showed up as a giant-sized monster in the last chapter.
– detectorist: a scientific activity, so most suited to Biff or Mopey. Since Mopey is otherwise occupied, a job for Biff.
– anti-shark defender: a job for Gregory – not just by process of elimination alone, though: His habit of carrying a minigun around in his hammerspace makes him particularly suited. This is a B-movie, after all, so bringing a ridiculous amount of kinetic overkill to bear on a shark is hardly more than par for the course. Anything more reasonable or plausible, like a harpoon**, would totally not cut it in a B-movie.
– person who points out the ocean: Mopey, naturally. This person is always female, unless the group in question is male-only, so Mopey was the only one qualified. And yeah, pointing out the ocean is pretty superfluous, since it’s actually hard to confuse the ocean for anything else. Especially in Japan, since even its largest lake, Lake Biwa, is small enough to keep the opposite shore visible under nearly all conditions. And since Japan is a chain of islands, encountering the ocean is also not really surprising…so why every group has that one girl/woman pointing it out upon arrival is doubly puzzling. But Mopey is beyond puzzling over such issues and just does the needful and inevitable. Arigato, Mopey.

More on Thursday.

* You might find it hard to believe, but I am pursuing efficiency. That my work doesn’t show any positive results of that pursuit is due to a lack of success, not a lack of effort. ._. Not sure if that makes it better or worse…

** Referring to the fishing spear only, of course. An UGM-84 Harpoon missile, as recently employed by the evil twins, would easily fulfill the overkill-quota.

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    1. I would have liked to feature that, but the negotiations with Mopey were hard enough already…adding a further exposition to the mix might have wrecked them. XD

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